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華泉 (Hana Izumi), meaning Flower and Spring Fountain, is a family Japanese Kaiseki restaurant owned by Chef Koji Murakami. 華泉 (Hana Izumi) was chosen because it represents the coming together of elements in nature, just like a lotus flower floating in a spring fountain. 

Chef Koji prepares seasonal dishes, influenced from "華泉 (Hana Izumi)," highlighting local produce. "I get excited to be able to work with the highest quality ingredients California can offer," Koji Says. "I want to communicate the season and our location in the world through my cooking."

Formally trained at Tsuji Culinary Academy in Osaka, Chef Koji's creations are influenced from his time at the world-renown Kaiseki restaurant Kitcho, in Tokyo, as private chef to Japan's ambassador in Washington DC, and as an executive and general manager at Sanraku in the Bay Area.